We noticed you're short of  1,000 followers  required to apply for the WYLD Card. Don't worry, we have curated a special Instagram course for you, that will help improve your content, gain more followers, and boost your reach and engagement.

& Avail Bonuses worth ₹4178


We noticed you're a tad short of 1,000 followers required to apply for the WYLD Card.



Don't worry, we have curated a special Instagram course for you, that will help improve your content to gain more followers.

& Avail Bonuses worth ₹4178

Enroll for this masterpiece course that has everything to help you kickstart your journey and excel to become a successful Instagram influencer and a potential WYLD card holder.




30,000+ MEMBERS 

Get guidance from THE industry expert - Sorav Jain

From 0

To 500,000+

Know Your Trainer

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is Founder of India's Best Digital Marketing Agency and Institute - Echovme Digital and Digital Scholar.

Sorav will train you with NEW strategies and refined game plan to understand the R.A.C.E.U.P framework so you can create viral content that will change your life forever.

He'll lay the fundamentals right from basics to advanced in 50+ high-definition video tutorials for you that will make you an awesome creator

World's Leading Digital Marketing Influencer by Buzzsumo

500K+ Followers on Instagram

Founder - Digital Scholar, EchoVME Digital

200,000+ Trained

Why thIS Course?

Because you know you have it in you, but don't know how to start, where to start, and how to set a flow to your work on Instagram. 

 The InstaGOAT course has it all!

You'll Know How To -

It's high time you monetise your Instagram account and start dealing with the best brands around YOU!!!

Here’s what people say...


by 5,000 students*


by 5,000 students*

When you enroll today, you will also get Bonuses Worth ₹4,178

Get a Practical Ebook on the Topic: "Personal Branding on Instagram"

Reels PPT Guide For 21+ Industries: The only PPT guide you will need to master any industry, be it the real estate sector to restaurant, jewellery, salon, skincare, and more. Download these separate PPTs with 15+ Reel examples under each category!

Get a Biolink Tool - Taplink: 3-Months Premium Access worth 1180/- ( Not available anywhere on the internet )

Time Is Running Out. Book Your Seat Now!


& Avail Bonuses worth ₹4178

Enrol to get Bonuses worth ₹4178

This course is for you IF…

You want to hit
your 1st 1000 or next 100k followers in Instagram

You want to
upgrade your
profile to attract 
brand collaborations

You wish to grow your personal brand & establish a strong digital presence

You want to boost your chances of getting a WYLD Card

SEE what's waiting for you inside once you enrol…


R.A.C.E.U.P Framework

Introduction to Reels World

Understanding and Decoding R.A.C.E.U.P Framework

3 Videos

Duration: 20 Minutes


Science of Virality

Roadmap to 10,000 Instagram Followers

Mindset of popular creators - Mistakes, Inhibitions, overcoming camera shyness

8 Types of Reels Creators, which one are you? 

28 Different types of Reels, which one will you make?

7 Videos

Duration: 58 Minutes


Reels Setup - Creators Mode on

Using artificial intelligence to find out content that your audience loves

Instagram Advanced Reels Effects to amaze your audience

Instagram Thumbnail Tutorials to make your profile look aesthetically pleasing

Creating Thumb Stopping Hooks to increase reels views

Instagram Reels Analytics to improve your KPIs

7 Videos

Duration: 31 Minutes


Professional Reels Editing

Text Based Editing

Breath-Taking Transitions for Reels

Choosing and adding trending audios

Hidden features of Instagram Reels that makes a big difference

5 Videos

Duration: 29 Minutes


AI-Based Captions

Create captions that get read multiple times Using a popular framework

Generate Content for free using artificial intelligence in just a few clicks 

Story Based Captions

4 Videos

Duration: 27 Minutes


Advanced Transitions and Editing

9 Advanced complete tutorials for value based or educational Reels. Applicable for Personal Brands, Business Brands - Service Based or Product Based

6 Pro tutorials on faceless Reels so that you can still go viral without a human touch

5 Tutorials on transition Reels

11 added tutorials on cool Reels that you can make immediately

30 Videos

Duration: 2+ Hours

  • Developing the right mindset is key to handling challenges and successes when pursuing Instagram influence. 

  • We train you with persistence, rhythm, and internal motivation so you can thrive long-term despite unpredictable outcomes.
  • By helping you deeply analyse your expertise, interests and strengths, we can identify the optimal niche for your profile that plays to your unique skills and passions.

  • Gain insight into niche selection and apply the R.A.C.E.U.P.  framework which considers relevance, audience, competition, expertise, and uniqueness that lets you strategically set up a profile positioned for lasting success.
  • Carefully selecting you into a business or creator account based on your niche and goals to help optimise your profile for your target audience.

  • Learn to polish your bio, structure relevant categories smartly, highlight strengths, and feature competitive peers that allow your account setup to strategically position you and the brands you work with to make the best impression on new followers.
  • Researching equipment options that allow you to identify the best cameras, lenses, lights and accessories for your needs and budget, enabling an efficient studio setup for high-quality results.

  • Understand factors like quality, functionality, versatility and value that empower a cost-effective assembly with creative control.
  • Improving your photography skills through practising composition, lighting, angles, perspectives, and consistent editing that helps create aesthetically pleasing images that attract engagement.

  • Master photography apps with AI features that elevate photos, but retain the original, high-quality content that remains key to truly connecting with audiences.
  • Mastering editing apps that allow you to create engaging short videos by utilising features like transitions, effects, greenscreens and music to tell a story in an entertaining way.

  • Pay attention to trends, keep edits short and impactful, and focus on consistent branding to build an audience through high-quality, regularly produced Reels.

InstaGOAT Course will Put You In CONTROL Of Your Revenue...A side hustle that will help you get the followers you deserve.

With 30 Lessons and 12+ Hours of Rich-Content in the course, you're bound to become a Top Influencer!

& Avail Bonuses worth ₹4178

Get the Offer while it lasts!


20+ hours of course content worth ₹699

Personal Branding e-book worth ₹999

Reels PPT Guide For 21+ Industries worth ₹1999

Taplink: 3-Months Premium Access worth 1180/-


Current Price:





Don't Take Our Word for It, See What PEOPLE WHO TOOK UP THE COURSE are Saying:

"I have grown my Instagram account from 10K to 241K in less than 9 months."

Tanya Puri (Make-up Artist)

"I went from 5K followers to over 961K followers on my Instagram in just 1 year."

Shivani (Personality & Softskills Trainer)

"I have successfully grown my Instagram account over 29,000 followers in just few months, after joining Digital Scholar."

Mish (Instagram Food Blogger)

"I have grown my Instagram over 30,000 followers in less than 6 months"

Heena Sheikh (Canva Coach)

Get Certified By Digital Scholar & WYLD

Yes, you will be certified by Digital Scholar & WYLD after course completion!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which language is the course in?

The course is both in Hindi & English.

2. Do I need to have an Instagram account for this course?

While an existing Instagram account can be beneficial, it is not necessary to have one to enrol as the lessons will provide guidance on setting up a new profile.

3. What is the time commitment required for the course?

The course requires a time commitment of over 30 hours to complete all modules at one's own pace

4. Is this course only for individual creators?

This course is designed for individual creators and solopreneurs to gain the skills needed for long-term success in building their personal brand on Instagram.

5. How can I clear my doubts during the course, if I have any?

Students can clarify any doubts or questions by contacting instructors directly via the online platforms used for the course or during scheduled live sessions which will allow time for student queries.

6. How long will it take to get access to the course?

Access to the full course curriculum and materials will be provided within 24 hours of completing the payment process

7. If I do this course, will I get the WYLD Card?

This course itself won't automatically get you the WYLD Card. It's crafted to help you meet WYLD's requirements by teaching you valuable skills to grow your Instagram. By actively applying the course's teachings to your Instagram strategy, you will definitely increase your chances of getting the WYLD Card.

8. Are Refunds applicable?

No, once the payment is made, no refunds are applicable. There is no refund policy for this course.

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